Music for Permanent Diaconate 2015

The Music List is now available. A packet of music has been assembled to facilitate organization of the choir and should be destroyed after use. Sufficient original copies of all music is kept at the Cathedral. Please print out and bring your music with you in a black binder or folder. If for some reason you cannot print the packet, please let me know in advance.


We will begin in the choir room promptly at 8:45 am for rehearsal before the Ordination. Please study your music ahead of time and be ready to start singing at 8:45 as our rehearsal time is very limited. There is a video of the Tallis where you can listen and watch the score available here.

Dress Code

Unless stated otherwise, dress code for the Archdiocesan choir will be black and white with a splash of color. A full explanation may be found here.


If you have not already done so, please indicate your intention to sing for this event by sending an email with your name and voice part to